There are many factors affecting airflow, comfort and energy bills in a home, and the comfort preferences and energy usage habits of household members account for only some of them. Read on to learn how a professionally designed zoning system can maintain comfort for all household members, and help manage energy costs around the clock.

Zoned Temperature Control

Zoning systems are add-on systems to the network of air ducts. Motorized duct doors are installed inside the ducts, and are opened and closed as required to manage airflow into each zone. Airflow and temperature are regulated by a digital programmable thermostat installed in each zone.

Managing Comfort and Cost

In a two-story, two-zoned home, the upstairs zone may be on during sleeping hours, for instance, either heating or cooling bedrooms as needed, depending on the season and temperature setting, while the duct doors in the air ducts of the downstairs zone are closed. The HVAC system does not need to work as long and hard to bring and maintain the upstairs zone to the desired temperature.

Zoning redistributes airflow in a manner that allows the homeowner to manage comfort and energy cost 24/7/365. When designed correctly, a zoning system eases the burden on the HVAC system, which may help extend the lifespan and reduce the number of repairs over the years.

Zoning System Design

It is very important to work with an HVAC contractor who has experience designing and installing zoned systems. The air ducts need to be evaluated for sizing and integrity, as far as leakage, insulation and layout for promoting free airflow.  Each zone must be tested for handling the static pressure created by airflow when and if only one zone is operating at any given time, day or night, to keep the zone comfortable without burdening the cooling and heating systems.

If you are experiencing high energy bills and discomfort from one room and area of your home to the next, a zoning system can help. Contact Comfort Systems with questions or to to schedule an appointment.

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