Typical for any metropolitan area, the quality of the water in the Wichita area can be spotty. A proven method for maintaining high-quality water throughout your home is the installation of a Zeta Rod® Water Treatment System.

Zeta Rod® systems offer a patented method for electronically controlling corrosion and particulate deposits in your home’s water system. The Zeta Rod® system originally was designed for use in mining operations. Now a Zeta Rod® is available for home use.

The science of Zeta Rod® water treatment for your home:

  • This patented system uses advanced capacitor-based technology.
  • Zeta Rods®reduce or eliminate the formation of scale and biofouling without the use of chemicals such as salts and other water-softening agents.
    • Biofouling is an accumulation of microorganisms on wet surfaces.
  • A ceramic rod-shaped electrode, the Zeta Rod®, is energized by a system that converts standard AC power (120 to 240 VAC) to 30,000 volts direct current.
  • This rod is inserted into a reaction chamber and then plumbed directly into a home’s incoming water pipe system. The chamber containing the rod and the grounding surfaces of the pipe form the Zeta Rod® capacitor.
  • As water passes through this capacitor, the naturally occurring electrical charge of bacteria and scale-causing microorganisms is increased. This causes these tiny particles to repel each other and remain suspended, preventing them from bonding together.
  • When bacteria and minerals are unable to attach to surfaces, they are prevented from forming scale, or producing bio-corrosion and bio-film.
  • Any existing scale or bio-film is electrically charged and dispersed.

Benefits of a Zeta Rod® system:

  • This system requires very little, if any, maintenance after proper installation.
  • The additional electrical usage is minimal.
  • There are no chemicals or salts added to your water.
  • Pipes, water heaters, drains and plumbing fixtures are not damaged by accumulated build-up.

A Zeta Rod® system is available as a pre-assembled kit and can installed by a knowledgeable do-it-yourself homeowner. However, for best results, installation by a licensed plumbing contractor is recommended. At Comfort Systems, we have more than 120 years of service in the Wichita area. Contact us today to discuss a Zeta Rod® system for your home.

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