Ryan Owen 1

Comfort Systems cares about my success, they’re king-makers!

Ryan Owen is a hardworking installer with a smile for everyone, and a willingness to learn new aspects of his job. We hired Ryan two years ago, just after his graduation from the HVAC program at Wichita Technical Institute (WTI). According to Ryan, his decision to take a new career path was, “a life-changer.”

At the age of 29, Ryan was on the cusp of entering a new decade, but was stuck in a rut. As a cook in a restaurant, he often worked long hours that kept him away from his son. “I’m someone who likes to learn new things, but that stagnated quickly in the restaurant industry,” Ryan explained. “I knew I wanted to be more than just a guy struggling to get by, I just didn’t know how to get there.”

Ryan enrolled at WTI because he was tired of working for a job, and wanted to work toward a career. His classes introduced him to the world of HVAC, but he says the real knowledge was gained in the field, particularly with the Comfort Systems Mentor Program. “I learned more on the job in one week than I did in school,” he explained. “My lead tech was patient and the whole company just seems to care about my progress.” In addition to the variety of HVAC systems Ryan gets to work with, he’s also getting more familiar with the company’s mini iPad technology.

The steady competitive pay and “excellent benefits” are just part of the reason Ryan loves working for Comfort Systems. The biggest reason he’s happy to put on the uniform every day is the overall company attitude. “The managers and other techs, they just take care of each other,” he said. “They encourage my success, because they know ultimately I’m their success.”

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