While a central humidifier saves a lot of time and money to add moisture to your indoor air, you’ll get the most from the system if you perform regular whole-house humidifier maintenance. As water evaporates, it leaves behind mineral deposits that make your humidifier less effective. Water leaks and mold growth are also issues that routine maintenance can minimize. 

General inspection steps

It’s a good idea to inspect the humidifier routinely to spot water leaks that could damage your home. Although it’s rare for the supply pipes to leak, it can happen. A stuck or improperly adjusted float can also cause water leaks. A plumber can help diagnose the problems associated with water leaks.

Pad cleaning

If your system is controlled by a humidistat, turn it off before working on the humidifier. Most of the work associated with whole-house humidifier maintenance involves checking the pad or the media through which the water flows. Over the course of a winter, mineral deposits from the water may form on the pad, which will retard airflow through the filter.

You can either replace the pad or soak it in a 50-50 solution of water and vinegar. If the deposits are severe, soak it in a stronger vinegar solution. After rinsing the pad thoroughly, allow it to dry in order to remove the smell of vinegar before returning it to the humidifier and turning the humidistat back on.

Pan cleaning

If your humidifier has a pan where the water sits, it’s a good idea to drain the water and wipe out any mineral deposits in the pan. This task should be performed at the end of the heating season at the same time you turn off the furnace, or whenever you notice a lot of deposits forming inside the pan. Turning off the water and draining the pan eliminates the potential for mold growth.

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