Ranking next to comfortable indoor temperatures, optimal indoor relative humidity is key for maintaining health and home comfort, making a whole-house humidifier an aerial top gun for defending against the transmission and infection of the influenza virus.

Why is winter air so dry?

During the Wichita winter season, outside humidity levels tend to drop, which produces dry, uncomfortable conditions. Compelled by high outdoor air pressure, the dry cold air quickly infiltrates your home through opened doors, through cracks and holes and by way of an unconditioned, poorly sealed attic and/or basement.

As the cold air becomes heated inside your home, the air expands, which makes the air feel even drier because the relative humidity is reduced. A whole-house humidifier counters this seasonal change in humidity by adding moisture to indoor air via the duct system. This provides a defensive moisture layer for your entire home, not just to a small confined space served by portable humidifiers.

Bad news for the flu

Whole-house humidifiers are great news for your health’s defense, and bad news for the flu bug’s offense. Studies have revealed the influenza virus thrives in cold, dry conditions by producing a protective covering that renders it more stable — more time to transmit — in contrast with warmer weather when the protective covering is not produced.

When you combine this fact with other health ailments related to dry air (e.g., dry nose and throat, weakened immune system, fatigue and more), a perfect breeding ground is formed inside your home, and body, for flu transmission and infection.

More good news for you

When you increase indoor humidity to optimal levels (30 to 50 percent), the air feels warmer and more comfortable. In fact, comfort and warmth are increased by such a significant degree that you may lower the thermostat to save heating costs, and enjoy a higher level of comfort than experienced with dry indoor air.

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