What To Do if Your Basement Floods?

There are several factors that can cause a basement to flood. Over-saturation of groundwater, broken sump pumps, backed up storm drains and busted pipes are just a few. It’s important you address this problem as soon as possible, before the damage from basement flooding continues to add up. We have created a step by step plan of action should you end up with water in your basement.

1.     Call a Plumber (Comfort Systems:  316-265-7831)

A plumber should always be your first call when issues arise from basement flooding. Our plumbing professionals will rush to handle your situation by turning off the circuit breaker and gas so that electrical hazards are prevented, and your family is kept safe. We will assess whether it’s safe to enter the basement and begin the removal process.

*Not all plumbing companies have electrician experience which would require that you call an electrician as well.

2.     Remove Valuables and Important Items

Once your plumber/electrician have assessed the situation and deemed your basement safe, it is possible to begin removing upholstered furniture, valuables and important documents that could be damaged or destroyed.

If the water is not addressed immediately and left standing for too long, it can become dangerous.  At that point, water removal and drying out process will require trained water restoration professionals. Your plumber should be able to provide a reputable water restoration company with good reviews.

3.     Call Your Insurance Company

Most homeowners insurance and some renters insurance require special flood insurance for situations caused by storms, which include wind, rain and hail. Flood coverage is often considered to be an add-on. If the flooding is caused by bursting pipes or appliances, most insurance policies will cover it.

4.     Cleanup

Safety is important when it comes to cleanup. Do not use any electric devices that have been submerged in the water. Water extraction won’t be your only problem during cleanup, you will also have to address the moisture in the basement that could cause mold issues and have your sewer/drain system inspected for damage.  Lastly, cleaning and deodorizing will help get your life back to normal.

Should you have any other questions regarding basement flooding, please contact Comfort Systems and one of our team members will help.