While a well-air-conditioned space can provide a comfortable respite from the sweltering summer temperatures, a malfunctioning air conditioner can cause temperatures and tempers to rise. Luckily, many common air conditioning issues can be diagnosed and rectified without the immediate need for a trained technician.

AC Isn’t Turning On

If your AC isn’t turning on, there are some basic checks that any home or business owner can complete before calling the experts. Make sure the thermostat is set to cool and at a temperature that is lower than the space’s current temperature. You may need to inspect the circuit breaker if that all checks out. A tripped fuse can sometimes be the reason your AC isn’t running. If, after checking the basic thermostat functions and checking the circuit breaker, your AC still remains off, it may be time to call upon Comfort Systems to determine if there is a more complex electrical issue or a component-based problem.

Not Cooling Efficiently

We have all been there… still feeling hot even in air conditioning. We check the thermostat to confirm the unit is running, but we soon realize that lukewarm air is blowing from the vents. While frustrating, it could be a simple fix. Checking the system’s air filter can sometimes reveal dirt and dust, which prevents the AC’s efficiency. Preventative monthly inspections of the air filter can prevent the build-up of particles. In addition, an inspection of the outdoor unit may also be necessary if your AC isn’t blowing crisp, cold air. Ensure there is no debris, landscaping, or obstructions that may interfere with its optimal performance.

Water Leaking from the Unit

Discovering water near your AC unit may not be indicative of a major issue. In most cases, the water is from a frozen evaporator coil or clogged drain line. If a dirty filter is hampering airflow, the unit may freeze and then melt, causing the leak. If, after changing the filter, there is still water leaking from the unit, it may be time to call a professional at Comfort Systems.

Strange Noises

AC units should always hum as background noise. If the unit starts making any loud noises like groaning, clicking, screeching, etc., there may be a problem. Sometimes, the noise is caused by a loose part, like a screw or belt. Debris within the unit can also cause it to be noisier than usual. Prolonged strange sounds can indicate damage within the unit. So, if a cursory inspection of the unit does not identify the noisy culprit, it is probably time to have a professional inspection completed.

Unpleasant Odors

Your AC should never circulate smelly air. Fresh, cool air should constantly be circulating when your AC is running. Any musty or damp smells could indicate mold or mildew in the ductwork or in some other area of the unit. Additionally, the smell of something burning could indicate electrical issues or burnt insulation. AC odors usually require the help of a professional, and Comfort Systems has you covered.

Why Comfort Systems Is Your Go-To Solution

While knowing how to troubleshoot some basic AC malfunctions is valuable, there is still immense value in professional expertise. Our Comfort Systems team can diagnose, repair, and offer long-term maintenance solutions for any of your AC malfunctions.

Knowledge is power, and being armed with the knowledge to troubleshoot minor AC problems is invaluable. However, it is also important to remember that HVAC systems are complex and sometimes need expert intervention to get back up and running efficiently and effectively. Always attempt troubleshooting with caution and care, and know that Comfort Systems is there if and when you need our service to keep you consistently cool and comfortable.