Trenchless Options for Sewer Line Replacement in Wichita

If you’re losing sleep over an old sewer line (and potential disaster-in-the-making) because you dread spoiling your landscaping, look into trenchless sewer line replacement. Yes, it’s possible to get this dirty job done in a much less yard-destructive way in Wichita. If your sewer has been in place for 40+ years, or needs repair, you can face the job with much less trepidation.

With trenchless methods as an option, it’s better to face the job now, rather than wait for an emergency to force your hand. It doesn’t make sense to wait for tree roots or other sewer line problems to cause a rupture or messy backup, especially when you can call the licensed plumbing professionals at Comfort Systems.

Cured-In-Place Pipe

One popular trenchless method uses a cured-in-place pipe, where the lateral sewer pipe is lined with flexible tubing. (This method won’t work for collapsed lateral sewer pipes or those with joints.) First, we dig an access hole, cover the tube material with resin, then insert it or draw it into the old sewer pipe. Once in place, the tubing is inflated. When the resin is cured or hardened, your sewer pipe is ready to use. The diameter may be slightly decreased but the capacity should still be sufficient.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe-bursting is an alternative trenchless sewer line replacement method requiring two access holes. It also involves inserting or pulling a new structure through your old damaged pipe. In this case, it’s a new pipe rather than flexible tubing. The new pipe actually breaks and fractures the old equipment. Provided there is enough space to pull a cable through your old pipe, bursting should work.

Pipe Inspection is Crucial

Due to soil conditions or other property specifics, the traditional trench method may be best. Consult with a Comfort Systems plumbing expert for a pipe inspection and options for sewer pipe replacement if needed.

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