Comfort Systems recently launched a new campaign – Choose the Right Fit. The idea behind the tagline was to underscore the importance of finding the most qualified HVAC company in Wichita. With over 100 years in business, a 2016 Innovation Award from the Wichita Business Journal, and a host of accolades from happy customers, we knew the message was on point, but we needed a visual representation of the hook. Then it hit us – mini technicians!

tiny HVAC technicians We wanted this to be a broad scale campaign so we opted for a photo shoot with a few tiny volunteers wearing uniforms from real Comfort Systems employees and holding the tools they use every day to keep our customers warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The evening was a success resulting in over 600 pictures of single and group shots depicting our teeny techs in action. WuShock even stopped by for a visit.

Lights! Camera! Laughter!

Fixing broken furnace equipment, inspecting air conditioning units, and performing emergency plumbing work is serious business, but you wouldn’t know it from the on-set atmosphere where giggles and smiles filled every corner of the photo studio. Our HVAC models, Lily, Lucas, Cherish, Curtis, and Addie Sue arrived with a bit of trepidation, but after suiting up in uniforms and eating a kid-approved dinner of pizza and cookies, they were fueled and ready to go.

We had several props for them to choose from and many of the kids were interested in how the tools were used to fix HVAC equipment. Who knows, maybe we inspired a future Comfort Systems employee.

Tiny HVAC Technicians Star in Choose the Right Fit Campaign for Comfort Systems of Wichita, KansasWuShock Visit Wows the Crowd

Our models were just getting into the swing of holding tools and smiling on cue when the photo shoot came to an abrupt halt for a local celebrity, WuShock. As a corporate sponsor of Wichita State Shocker Athletics, Comfort Systems was thrilled to have the popular mascot stop by for a few quick pics.

The comedian, W.C. Fields said, “Never work with children or animals,” but our experience exceeded expectation. Thank you to the parents who let their children play dress-up and spend a few hours pretending to be hard working Comfort Systems techs. Your kids were pure joy and they made the process so much fun. Maybe we’ll see one of them again in a few years when the uniform fits better and they have their HVAC certification. A few of our favorite outtakes appear below.

Tiny HVAC Technicians Star in Choose the Right Fit Campaign

Currently, the Choose The Right Fit campaign is in full swing. Pictures appear on our website, Facebook page, and several billboards around Wichita. When we see the images of our tiny techs, we can’t help but smile. We hope you’ll be smiling too, and if you need help with a broken furnace, air conditioner tune-up, plumbing emergency, or other HVAC concern, we hope you’ll choose Comfort Systems – (316) 265-7831.