Lately, Comfort Systems has experienced a bit of a growth spurt. Over the past few months, we’ve hired new HVAC technicians, another licensed plumber, and a customer service/dispatcher. Our office feels like a family, and just like any proud parent, we like to talk about the new additions. This month, we’re bragging about our customer service/dispatcher, a former CNA who is quickly learning how to power through her double-digit To-Do list. Meet Amy Mason. Pictured below – Amy, Friend, and Frodo

Buckle Up for the Learning Curve

In her new position, Amy will be learning the basics of the HVAC industry, how to keep city permits up to date, and she’ll even be trained on the dispatch board so she can keep in touch with technicians in the field. She’s quickly learning that this position will evolve and change very quickly saying, “I’m learning new things every day.”

When general manager, Chad Heitman, started interviewing candidates, he knew the right person would have to be willing to learn from existing office staff (Debbie, Linda, and Vicki), keep up with busy technicians, and make customer service a top priority. With her previous experience in inside sales, reception, and human resource management, he knew Amy would be the right fit.

The other attribute that won Amy the position was her obvious desire to learn about every aspect of a company. “I worked five years for an aviation company,” she said. “I started as the receptionist, moved to office manager, then became the Human Resource, and Health & Safety Rep.”

Though she’s only been with the company for a short time, Amy has already noticed the camaraderie in the Wichita office. “I like the team work, the chillaxed atmosphere, and the ladies I work with are sweethearts.”

Her Name is Amy, But in December You Can Call Her Netflix

In her spare time, Amy’s activities vary widely depending on the season. “In the winter I hibernate because I can’t stand the cold,” she explained. “I have the nickname Netflix due to the ungodly amount of hours I spend watching every type of show imaginable. Summertime is when I thrive! I play softball and volleyball, spend most weekends at the lake, I enjoy reading, fishing, and I’m a self-proclaimed runner.” Currently, Amy is enjoying single life and doting on her Shih-Tzu poodle mix, Frodo.

When we interview our employees for these casual blog articles, we like to ask off-beat questions that might catch them off guard. Amy’s answer to this one sums up what we’ve already discovered – she is incredibly kind and generous.

If you won the lottery, what would be your most ridiculously extravagant purchase? “I can’t think of anything crazy that I would purchase for myself. You know when the lotto was HUGE a month ago, and everyone was talking about how they would spend the money? My thought would be ‘Christmas all-year-round.’ Randomly pay for other people’s groceries, pay off layaway accounts, randomly give out $100 bills…that’s what I would do.”