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GM of Comfort Systems, Chad Heitman, accepting his innovation award

HVAC Customer Service is a Team Effort at Comfort Systems

A Team Approach to Customer Service Though you may spend more time with a Comfort Systems service technician, customer service is a team sport. When […]

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The Lennox iComfort WIFI Touchscreen Thermostart

iComfort WiFi Thermostat Gives Customers Ultimate Control

Whether it’s the prickly heat of summer or the bone-chilling cold of winter, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature is a top priority. In […]

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Comfort Systems, a division of TWC Services Inc., an industry leader in Residential & Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning is now hiring full time, experienced HVAC Installer to work in the Wichita, Kansas area.

iPad Technology Improves Efficiency and Customer Service

Recently the technicians at Comfort Systems were given mini iPads. This was not intended to improve the employee’s Candy Crush scores or selfie pics. The […]

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Airtight Homes and Ventilation Needs: It’s a Delicate Balance

You want your home to be effectively sealed so cold air doesn’t creep in during the winter while hot, humid air doesn’t infiltrate your home […]

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What To Expect During an Energy Evaluation

If you’ve given any thought to making your home more energy-efficient, you may have found yourself overwhelmed by the options. There are a lot of […]

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Several Options Exist For Heating and Cooling Two-story Additions

When planning a second-floor addition to your Wichita-area home, keep in mind that several options exist for heating and cooling two-story additions. Factors to consider […]

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Air Purification Systems Target Many Types Of Pollutants

You might eat right and exercise for the health benefits but have you ever thought about how the air you breathe inside your home may […]

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The Elements Of A Well-Designed Zoning System

A zoning system allows you to divide your home into separate cooling/heating zones while still using a single air conditioner and furnace. Diverse parts of the house […]

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Can You Benefit From Geothermal Heating And Cooling?

Until relatively recently, an unlimited free energy source to heat and cool your home went unexploited. Today, all that’s changed. Residential geothermal heating and cooling […]

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