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The Lennox iComfort WIFI Touchscreen Thermostart

iComfort WiFi Thermostat Gives Customers Ultimate Control

Whether it’s the prickly heat of summer or the bone-chilling cold of winter, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature is a top priority. In […]

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Why Work for Comfort Systems? Ask Ryan Owen!

Comfort Systems cares about my success, they’re king-makers! Ryan Owen is a hardworking installer with a smile for everyone, and a willingness to learn new […]

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Comfort Systems Welcomes New GM – Chad Heitman

Comfort Systems is excited to announce the promotion of Chad Heitman to the role of General Manager. Chad has worked in the Wichita office for […]

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These HVAC Terms Can Give You an Advantage When You’re Planning a Replacement

Do you feel knowledgeable about your HVAC system? If your air conditioner broke tomorrow, would you be comfortable with what you needed to ask your […]

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Your Heat Pump: Its 3 Cycles Explained

When asked, “How does your heat pump work?” on your Wichita-area home, you may find yourself saying, “Great! It works great!” If you say that […]

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Ceiling Fans And Your Furnace: A Surprisingly Good Duo

It’s common to see ceiling fans used to improve home cooling in the summer. Surprisingly, ceiling fans are also useful as a supplement to your furnace […]

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