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We can't control the quality of the air outside, but we can make adjustments to improve the air inside.

Is Poor Indoor Air Quality Making You Sick?

In Wichita, the weather is unpredictable and high winds often bring smoke, pollen, mold spores, and other pollutants. We can’t control the quality of the […]

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Dust Bunnies Multiplying? Hop on That Spring Cleaning with These Tips

Spring is in the air, though after a long Wichita winter, spring probably isn’t the only thing you’re inhaling. Tighter construction, new and improved building […]

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10 Tips for An Allergy-Proof Wichita Home This Winter and Year-Round

Are you suffering from allergies this season in your Wichita-area home?  If so, then it’s important that you take the necessary steps to allergy-proof your […]

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Old Ductwork Driving Up Your Bills? Consider Replacement

Attention Kansas homeowners: How would you like to save energy and money not only during this heating season but year-round?  Heating, ventilating and air conditioning […]

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