These eight key considerations can help you decide if investing in a solar installation will provide sufficient benefits for you and your Wichita area home. Solar is a fairly unobtrusive and dependable source for renewable power and will help you save money on your electric bills for years to come. 

  1. Availability. The Wichita area fortunately lies within one of the best places in the U.S. to use solar energy, since we receive ample sunshine, especially during long summer days.
  2. Orientation of home. A south-facing roof will capture the most sunshine as the day goes by, both in summer and winter.
  3. Neighborhood approval. Living in a neighborhood where there’s a homeowner’s association may limit the amount of solar panels you can use. It’s best to ask the association what the rules are before you get started.
  4. Size of roof. The size of your roof or yard will dictate how many panels you can place on the roof. If you intend to generate a large share of your electricity from a solar array, you’ll need ample space for it.
  5. Condition of roof. If you have to replace your shingles or roof for any reason in the near future, doing it before the solar installation will save money.
  6. Roof shading. If you don’t have large trees that block the sunshine on the solar panels (or a neighboring building), you’ll be able to generate more power. You’ll have to decide if it’s worth taking down any larger existing trees is worth it to generate solar power.
  7. Tax credits. Will the system you want be eligible for the federal solar tax credits that last through the end of 2016? Under this program, you can deduct 30 percent of the purchase and system installation.
  8. Energy costs. People who use a lot of electricity typically benefit from generating their own power because it lightens the amount they consume from the local provider. Besides lowering your bill, having your own energy source could help you stay comfortable during a power outage due to high demand or from severe storms.

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