A home furnace uses ducts to provide heat, with an air handler blowing heated air from the furnace cabinet through the ducts. But you can heat your home more efficiently without ducts.

If you are considering replacing your furnace, consider a ductless heating system that is easy to install, helps reduce energy bills and evenly distributes heat throughout your home. The expert installers at Comfort Systems can discuss options that work best for you.

Ductless systems are combined heating, and sometimes cooling, systems made up of three key components: an outdoor unit, or condenser; an indoor unit; and a remote control thermostat. The system’s two-way heat pumps transfer heat between the outdoor and indoor air. Heat collected from outside is delivered inside during a heating cycle.

While not ideal in particularly cold climates, the ductless heating system can provide ample warmth to many electrically heated homes at a fraction of the cost when compared to baseboard, wall and ceiling heaters, or electric furnaces.

Here are some advantages of ductless heating systems to consider.

Decrease electrical bills

A ductless heating system can reduce heating costs by 25% to 50%. A typical furnace consumes a lot of energy, from the air handler, to the heated air blown through the duct system and for other components required in a furnace system. But over time, the ductless system will be more cost efficient for your home and easily cover the cost of installation.

Improve air flow

A ductless heating system has optimized airflow and has far less air leakage than a furnace system because it does not rely on ducts. This not only helps distribute heated air more evenly where you need it, but it also reduces wasted energy to produce heated air that doesn’t get distributed properly. Smaller ductless systems offer more power to help heat an entire home.

Reduce clutter of floor or baseboard heaters

A ductless heating system installed near the ceiling along a wall can eliminate the clutter of baseboard or floor heaters that often pose problems for pets and children. Duct systems typically take up a lot of space, including in attics and basements, and inside and outside a home. A ductless system can replace or supplement an existing baseboard, wall or ceiling heater. Improved technology also ensures good air flow from a ductless system throughout your home. They are safe, durable and reliable, either to replace an existing system or to install in a new construction home.

Enhance your home’s air quality

An old furnace system that relies on ducts helps to distribute dirt, dust and debris in your home. The forced air blown from a furnace carries more than just heat. It also includes the dirt, dust and debris. A ductless heating system can provide better air quality in your home by eliminating the place where dirt, dust and debris accumulate. That is in your ducts. You also no longer have to worry about cleaning your ducts with a ductless system.

Update old HVAC design

A ductless heating system can be easily mounted and replace the dated design in a home that uses baseboard or floor heaters, or even window units. The ductless system is out of the way, out of the line of sight for most people. They can fit in easily to your home’s design, taking up minimal space.

Customize climate control in rooms

The ductless heating system offers more control to customize temperature control in individual rooms. This helps focus the heat you need in the rooms that you use, and not heat the entire house when you only need comfort in one room. This customized temperature control feature also helps reduce energy costs. You can choose between a single-zone unit that heats one room or a multi-zone unit that ensures air can be spread evenly throughout the entire home. The multi-zone unit will project heat and air throughout the house and expand more evenly than other systems.

Choose the option that works best for you

Ductless heating systems can easily replace your old furnace system, reduce your electric heating costs, save space in your home by replacing dated baseboard and floor units, suffer less air leakage and provide customized temperature control for individual rooms. While all of these advantages may sound ideal, it is important to understand when ductless heating is best for your home.

Discuss your heating needs with an expert at Comfort Systems to see if a ductless heating system will work best for your home. The professionals at Comfort System can evaluate your current and future needs, offer recommendations and provide expert installation in your home.

Whether you are replacing an old furnace system, considering upgrades to your home’s heating or planning a new construction home, consult the experts at Comfort System today.