Drain Cleaning & Sewer Replacement

Comfort Systems’ plumbing division employs licensed master plumbers with experience in residential and commercial drain cleaning and sewer line replacement. Is your bathtub drain backing up? Do you have a sewer smell in your basement? We can help. 

Emergency Service and Planned Maintenance 

Whether you need to rooter your sewer line, unclog a drain, auger a toilet, or tackle a more extensive project like trenchless sewer line replacement, we have the equipment and know-how to get the job done--efficiently and affordably. For any sewer or drain cleaning issues, call the professionals at Comfort Systems. In addition to unclogging tubs, showers and sink drains, Comfort Systems plumbing professionals clean main sewer lines and ejection pumps, floor drains, urinals, roof vents, and laundry room drains.

Comfort Systems’ plumbers are equipped with sophisticated sewer line video cameras that can assist property owners in the visual inspection of their sewer line. This is a valuable tool to determine property lines, view tree root locations, and answer a host of other questions, particularly during new and existing construction projects. 


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For after-hours emergency service or to schedule planned maintenance on your plumbing systems, call Comfort Systems. To find out more, call (316) 265-7831 or send us an email. Schedule an appointment today. Let the professionals with a proven track record handle all your residential and commercial plumbing projects.

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