If you’ve invested in a quality HVAC system, then you’ll know how much you rely on it throughout the year, particularly during summer and winter when the temperature really hits its extremes!

Why Maintain Your HVAC System?

You’ll also know that a regular program of maintenance and servicing is essential if you want to get the most from your HVAC system and ensure it runs reliably without failing when you need it most. A regular maintenance program will:

  • Keep your HVAC system running optimally so that it uses energy efficiently.
  • Keep your HVAC system clean and fresh, without dust in the filter
  • Ensure the system is fully tuned and able to do its job fully.
  • Remove the risk of the system failing just as you need it most (which typically coincides with the times that HVAC engineers are most in demand and less available!)

What Maintenance Does Your HVAC Need?

A regular HVAC service will typically assess the main areas below. If your engineer spots additional issues or upgrades, such as a replacement part, he or she will also arrange this to cover every angle and leave your system working fully and efficiently, ready for the heavy demands of summer or winter ahead.

The engineer will:

  1. Change the air filter, which is essential for proper function
  2. Upgrade the thermostat and test it to make sure it is set correctly for the best output
  3. Clear vents and interior registers to make sure they are free from dust and any other types of particulate
  4. Take away any debris that has built up on the outdoor unit and clean it
  5. Book in any further preventative maintenance or fix work that might be required, so it can be handled before any bigger issues build up.

Your engineer might also make useful recommendations on upgrades you can make to your system that make it work more effectively but without needing a new one. For example, there might be the option to upgrade to a smart thermostat so that you have greater options for customizing your home’s temperature and comfort levels to your preferred setting levels.

Why Get HVAC Maintenance In Spring and Fall?

Everyone uses their HVAC system heavily when it’s particularly hot and cold, so a lot of homes will start switching on their systems as they approach summer and winter. This results in a spike of callouts to HVAC engineers in the area when customers realize their systems need a tune-up, a maintenance, clean and service, or a complete replacement!

HVAC engineers end up particularly busy at this time and they price accordingly. High demand means that there are unlikely to be competitive offers and deals at these peak times of the year, and what’s more, you may struggle to even find an available engineer because they will be very heavily booked up.

It’s smart to avoid these peak rush periods and book your maintenance in when it’s quieter. That way, you’ll get a ready service at a time that suits you and you may even be able to get a special offer on your service because business is typically quieter. If any work is required, you can book it in at leisure, before you really need to be using your HVAC system. An easy way to do this is to schedule a repeat reminder in your calendar or sign up with your local HVAC company so that they send you reminders well beforehand. This gives you a heads-up that your regular HVAC maintenance appointment is due, in the same way that you service and maintain other elements of your home or your car. Ready prep means that you’ll be feeling great in your home when summer or winter really kicks in!

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