Radiant heating systems warm a home from the floor up, quietly and efficiently. Utilizing plastic tubing installed below the floor that circulates heated water, a radiant system warms the entire floor space of a room. This heat radiates gently into the living space and conducts cozy warmth into all objects touching the floor — such as bare feet on a winter morning. A radiant system can be installed beneath almost any flooring material including tile, wood, carpet, marble and concrete. Here are some of the other advantages of installing radiant heating systems:

Uniform heat distribution:
Forced air furnaces push buoyant hot air out of supply ducts and into rooms. This hot air immediately rises to the ceiling and collects there, producing a warm layer at the ceiling but less warmth down below. Radiant heat from the floor warms the room at the level where the occupants are, instead of wasting energy at the ceiling.

Reduced air leakage: Forced air heating systems push the air pressure in rooms from neutral to positive, particularly in homes without dedicated return ducts in each room. A positive pressure home wastes energy as heated air is pushed out through tiny cracks and gaps around doors and windows.

More comfortable humidity: Many furnaces draw indoor air into the unit for combustion. This naturally humidified air is replaced by infiltrating outdoor air that is often very dry in winter. A radiant heat system doesn’t use indoor air for combustion, so humidity levels don’t drop below the recommended 35 percent level.

Multiple zoning:
Radiant systems can be installed as independently controlled zones in each room or part of the home. Controlled by dedicated thermostats in each zone, this allows freedom to customize temperatures to the specific requirements of a particular area. It also allows the homeowner to address issues such as spot warming in parts of the home that are typically colder than others.

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