Winters in the Midwest can get downright frigid. When the weather gets cold it’s time to think about heating your  home without warming the whole neighborhood and spending an arm and a leg to do it. Radiant heating provides an excellent alternative to traditional heating methods that use air ducts which can often leave your floors cold and trap heat on the ceiling and leave you still reaching for that extra sweater.

Radiant heat works by pumping warm water through PEX tubing installed in the floors of your home and emits heat up through your floors, similar to how heat emits from a light bulb. Not only is the heat distributed evenly throughout your home, but you don’t have to worry about letting all of the warm air out every time you open the door.

Unlike a forced-air furnace system where the air is sucked outside as you enter or leave the house, a radiant heating system constantly emits warmth through your home, keeping the temperature as warm as you like. Radiant heat panels are available for your walls and ceilings too, ensuring that every space in your home is warm and comfortable and that no matter where you are, you are cozy and warm.

The added benefits are that you lower your electric bill, eliminate cold spots in your house, and you reduce dust and allergens that blow through the air ducts. Not only does it work anywhere in your home, but it increases the value of your property while providing a sound investment.

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