If you’re planning on installing a new air conditioner this year, don’t rush into things. Take your time to find the right contractor, and to determine the best cooling system for your Wichita home. Finding a qualified contractor for A/C installation will ensure your system is sized and installed correctly, which will save you money and headaches down the road, so playing it cool will pay off in the long-run.

Here are some of the reasons finding a qualified contractor for A/C installation is so important:

Getting accurate load calculations. Load calculations are used to determine what size air conditioner are best for your home and your family’ needs. In order to get these calculations, your HVAC technician should use Manual J, which factors in information about your home’s size, orientation, specifications from windows and insulation, and other critical details to come up with accurate heating and cooling load requirements. Failure to size your A/C system correctly will result in excess energy consumption, unnecessary wear and tear, and compromised whole-house comfort and indoor air quality.

Evaluating your existing HVAC system. A knowledgeable contractor will inspect your home and your existing HVAC equipment while plugging information into Manual J. In the meantime, he can also make observations about the rest of your system. For example, homes that need an A/C replacement often have outdated or aging ductwork designs, which will further compromise the effectiveness of your new, energy-efficient A/C. Using Manual D, your contractor can design a new duct system that will pay for itself via improved energy efficiency.

Proper installation. Removing old equipment and installing the new is not as easy as it might look. In addition to HVAC know-how, you ideally should have plumbing, electrical and sheet metal skills to ensure everything is fitted, connected, vented and drained properly. Poor installation can result in low airflow, improper refrigerant charge, duct leakage, and other issues that will affect the system’s overall functionality.

Contact Comfort Systems to find a qualified contractor for your new A/C installation. We’re licensed, insured and have provided quality HVAC service to Wichita homeowners since 1953.

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