One of the best HVAC devices available to enhance home comfort and energy savings with minimal effort is a programmable thermostat. Read on to learn how upgrading your old thermostat is a very smart investment, which remembers to save energy so you don’t have to.

Reinventing the Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is used to automatically turn the cooling and heating systems on and off. Practically every programmable model offers four daily event changes, and basic system alerts, such as when to change the filter and service alerts. They are also designed to maintain temperature within two degrees, and offer automatic changeover between cooling and heating modes.

More advanced thermostats offer an intuitive and interactive interface with remote access by smartphone app or a computer connected to the Internet. These “smart” or “WiFi” thermostats offer sophisticated functions, such as monitoring energy prices at the utility company for maximum savings.

With an outdoor sensor connected to your new programmable thermostat, it may adjust cooling and heating based on real-time weather readings (for some models). Programmable thermostats offer ultimate comfort control and savings when installed with zoning systems.

Programmed Savings

Keep in mind that you won’t save a dime if you don’t program your thermostat for maximum comfort and energy savings. Following are some starter tips for your new device:

  • Take advantage of working hours to save the most energy. Program temperatures eight to 12 degrees up (cooling) or down (heating) for maximum savings while you are away from home.
  • During sleeping hours, maintain an energy-saving setting with which you can sleep well.
  • The hold feature allows quick temperature changes. Try not to engage the “hold” feature too often, or you lose the energy savings you have earned.
  • Most programmable thermostats offer a security code, or keypad combination, to prevent unauthorized changes to settings and programs.
  • Work closely with your home comfort contractor to ensure that you select the programmable thermostat that is right for your needs.

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