Drain cleaning services by a professional extend well beyond flushing out a stubborn clog. Many homeowners who use home methods of unclogging drains often discover that clogging recurs in the same drain with regularity. In addition, most of the home methods utilized to open a blocked drain are not those a professional plumber would recommend and can result in expensive damage to plumbing. Here are some additional reasons to choose professional drain cleaning over the do-it-yourself option:

  1. A professional drain cleaner has the equipment to diagnose the problem correctly. Most established drain cleaning services utilize micro-video cameras that thread into your drain to the source of the blockage. This permits the technician to visually observe the exact location of the clog, the cause of it, and inspect the general condition of your plumbing that may be exacerbating the blockage.
  2. A professional drain cleaner has the tools for the job. Drain pipes in your home are a variety of sizes between 1.25 and 4 inches. The tools to clean them should exactly fit the drain, not a one-size-fits all handyman tool from your local home center. Among the tools a technician may use to clean your drain are powered drain snakes sized to the specific drain, an electronic pipe locator, a high-pressure water jet machine, and a rooter to excise tree roots. The cost of any one of these for an amateur would far exceed the price of a service call from a pro.
  3. A professional drain cleaner not only will address current issues; he or she will clean and treat your drains to prevent accumulations that may cause future problems as well. The technician can tell you about the benefits of a drain maintenance program to keep your household drains running free all the way to the city sewer line.

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