As the warmer months settle in, there are plumbing issues that can arise. This is the the time to troubleshoot plumbing problems before the season gets fully under way. Here are some steps you can take to protect your home from a serious repair during the summer.

  • Water leaks – During the summer, outdoor faucets may be used to connect a hose or fill up a watering can. Check these connections for leaks possibly caused by broken washers or cracked fittings. There may be damaged siding near a faucet indicating there is a leak nearby. Leaks that occur inside of a wall are more difficult to diagnose and a professional should be contacted for this type of repair.
  • Drainage problems – A backup of water in the tub or shower can indicate a dirt buildup in the drain. This is a common occurrence during summer months because of outside activities. The kitchen disposal also gets more use during summer cookouts in the yard and can become clogged. Remember to never try to clear a sink disposal while the unit is running. Looking under the sink with a flashlight will show leaks if the unit has a broken casing or the pipes have become corroded or loose. Never put your hand near the electrical connections of a disposal unless you are sure the power is turned off.
  • Sewer line backup –  A toilet backing up into the tub or shower can be a sign of problems with a sewer line. Excessive rain or tree roots damaging a sewer line are possible causes. A qualified professional should be contacted to troubleshoot plumbing problems of this type.

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