Although it may seem counterintuitive, installing a furnace that is too large for your home creates a distinct disadvantage, even more so than a unit that is too small for the same space. While this goes against the grain of most people’s concept that “super-sizing” is always a good idea, there are advantages for right-sizing the furnace to fit the dimensions of your home.

One big reason is the speed of heating your home. Yes, an over-sized furnace will heat a home faster, but that’s not always a good idea. That’s because it won’t heat evenly, meaning some rooms will become too hot while others are struggling to get to the desired temperature. The bottom line is some rooms of the house will be overheated; others will still be cold.

Fuel efficiency is another factor. An over-sized furnace will tend to cycle on and cycle off much more often than a properly sized unit. The problem with that – every furnace is least efficient in the cycling up phase, meaning that a large percent of its running time is spent in the most inefficient mode. The constant stopping and starting will prevent the furnace from spending its heating time running in the most energy-effective fashion.

Another financial shortcoming of an over-sized furnace is its likely need for more frequent repairs and eventual replacement. Cycling on and off constantly not only uses more fuel, but also delivers more wear and tear to the unit. And more wear and tear leads to more frequent repairs as well as a shorter lifespan.

So before spending money on upgrading or replacing your furnace, speak to a trusted HVAC advisor to find out what the best options are for your particular situation. Getting the proper advice before opening your wallet can save you both in energy costs as well as future repairs and premature furnace replacement.

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