Perfect time to prep for winterWith temperatures falling as fast as the leaves, it will soon be time to close windows and kick on the furnace. During the summer months, your furnace sits dormant collecting bugs, dust and dirt, which could seriously affect how it behaves when you need it most. It’s optimal to have your furnace inspected and routine maintenance performed by a certified HVAC technician long before the first real cold snap. That means NOW is the perfect time.

Expert-Level Service Brings Peace of Mind
While there are a few things even semi-handy homeowners can do to make sure their furnace is in good working order, calling a professional to give your HVAC unit a thorough inspection will give you peace of mind knowing it’s also working safely and efficiently.

A licensed Comfort Systems technician will perform the following:

  • Thorough inspection of the entire unit
  • Check for leaks and unhealthy gasses like carbon monoxide
  • Inspect the outdoor exhaust flue
  • Examine the flame on the pilot light for irregularities
  • Secure blower doors
  • Change the filter

What You Can Do
As a responsible homeowner there are things you can do, and should do, to ensure your furnace is ready for heavy winter use. Putting in a little effort now before the first blast of winter air gets here can save you from high heating bills and inefficient heat transfer later on.

  • Make sure vents throughout the house are not obstructed
  • Never store flammable objects near your furnace
  • Check furnace filters on a monthly basis during peak winter months. Clean or replace as needed.
  • Vacuum dust and debris from vents and air ducts


Comfort Systems is dedicated to servicing all of your home comfort needs. Contact us to schedule your affordable furnace inspection today – (316) 265-7831