Where central air and heating isn’t possible and a noisy, intrusive window unit isn’t desirable, a ductless mini split fills the gap. The technology matches a compact indoor air handler with an outdoor heat pump condensing unit to cool and heat an individual room without the costly installation of ductwork. This allows conditioning of renovations or add-on rooms without extending ducts, or single rooms in a home where no central air or heating exists at all. When the power of an outdoor heat pump is applied to single rooms or small zones, the efficiency is substantial. Some mini splits offer SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) ratings as high as 26. This low-maintenance technology has enjoyed great success in Europe and Japan. Here are some of the reasons a ductless mini split is becoming a popular option for homeowners in the U.S. as well:

  • Energy-saving efficiency. Most of the efficiency loss in a central air and heating system stems from ductwork issues. Leaky ducts or ductwork design that isn’t properly sized for the home can result in an efficiency loss up to 20 percent — not a factor with ductless technology.
  • Easy installation. The indoor air handler and outdoor compressor are linked by a small conduit that conveys refrigerant between the units. This system requires only a 3-inch hole in an exterior wall and the indoor and outdoor units can be up to 50 feet apart. A typical ductless unit can be installed by two technicians in a single day.
  • Fewer decibels.  The compact indoor air handler is whisper-quiet and the downsized outdoor units are engineered with sound-dampening technology. There’s no on-and-off roar of a window unit and minimal compressor fan noise outside.
  • Room-by-room temperatures. A single outdoor compressor can service multiple indoor air handlers in individual rooms or zones, each with its own thermostat to individualize the temperature and comfort level to that room. No more “sharing” thermostats and temperatures.

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