Recently the technicians at Comfort Systems were given mini iPads. This was not intended to improve the employee’s Candy Crush scores or selfie pics. The iPads contain one-of-a-kind software that will allow technicians to work more efficiently, reduce time spent on service calls and ultimately provide better customer service. Comfort Systems is currently the only HVAC company in Wichita using this technology.

bret with ipad

Paperwork Overload
Until just a few months ago, the Comfort Systems team was bombarded with paperwork. General Manager, Chad Heitman, talks about the dark days – “Before the iPad technology, no less than four people would have to touch the document before it was scanned into the database. We often had trouble deciphering handwriting, it was inefficient and time consuming for all of us.” The iPads create a paperless system for the technicians, customers and support staff. If customers don’t have an email address or still prefer a paper copy, the team is happy to oblige by mailing a copy of the service report.

Immediate Access to Important Information
Though Comfort Systems has a large database in the office where they track and log new install information and service calls, relaying the history of a particular HVAC system was often done via phone, text or email to technicians in the field. “With the iPad software, now I can see an equipment list and real-time history without having to dig for it, or call the office,” explained technician, Brett McKown.

brett bar code

Bar Codes Increase Efficiency
“One of the coolest features of this thing is the ability to scan a bar code,” expressed Heitman. “When our techs finish a service call, they put a bar code sticker on the unit and then scan it. When the next tech sees that unit on a maintenance call or service repair, they scan the bar code with their iPad and the history is right there.”

brett ladderBenefits Beyond the Stats
The benefits of giving each technician an iPad go far beyond data integration and efficiency. In addition to providing concise Summary of Work Performed statistics and other pertinent details, the iPads are also receiving high marks with employees for the following:

  • Fact-gathering is reduced to a number of seconds
  • iPads attach to work belt so they’re always accessible, even on a ladder
  • Access to equipment manuals can be obtained online
  • Face Time with service manager allows him to answer questions and provide solution without leaving the office
  • GPS apps allow technicians to find homes and businesses faster

The iPad technology really allows us to be more efficient. Some calls can be reduced from 30 minutes to two minutes, and we’re passing the savings along to our customers. ~Chad Heitman, General Manager

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