Keeping your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) at a high level is important for your health and comfort. This is especially true if you suffer from breathing conditions such as allergies or asthma.  Proper IAQ can also go a long way in preventing illnesses and protecting your valuable home possessions. Follow these tips for better IAQ and a healthier living environment:

Keep the home clean. Cleanliness can be a key to healthy living for you and your family. For example, keeping trash cans empty helps keep odors down and will help with improving air quality.

Keep dust under control. Dust is a major irritant for people’s lungs and is a common cause of worsening breathing conditions, especially allergies and asthma. Making changes to how you clean can go a long way in reducing the dust levels and improving IAQ.

Try to get out more in good weather. People spend most of their lives inside either their homes or offices. So try and get out and spend a few minutes outside.

Keep chemicals, perfumes, and cleaner use to a minimum and never store them inside the house. The fumes from common household chemicals can linger for a long time in the home and cause problems long after they have been used.

Do not allow people to smoke in your home! Smoke is one of the most common and severe irritants for breathing issues and will compromise your IAQ.

Change the bags on your vacuum cleaner often and consider getting a high-quality air purifier with a HEPA filter to use in your home. It cleans better and reduces the amount of dust generated.

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