Lennox-icomfort-WiFi-Touchscreen-ThermostatWhether it’s the prickly heat of summer or the bone-chilling cold of winter, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature is a top priority. In the old days if you wanted to change the temperature on your heating and cooling unit, you had to do it manually. Now, thanks to cloud technology, you have control from anywhere in the world, on a multitude of devices. We think the iComfort WiFi Thermostat is just the coolest!

Bad puns aside, the iComfort WiFi Thermostat really is the easiest way to adjust the temperature in your home. This not only keeps you and your pets comfy, it also means big energy savings. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 56% of your electricity bill is a direct result of the pull from an HVAC system.

Why Do You Need It? Check Out These Features!

  • Easy To Use – The iComfort WiFi Thermostat uses a straightforward interactive touchscreen
  • Remote Access – Real-time access and control from a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer
  • Away-Mode – Override your regular program schedule with the touch of a button – even remotely.
  • System Alerts – Maintenance reminders and system problems appear on the home screen. These messages can be accessed remotely
  • Weather Watch – Check the 5-day forecast anytime day or night
  • System Compatibility – The iComfort WiFi Thermostat may be compatible with your existing HVAC unit, but to get the full energy saving benefits, we recommend using a premium Lennox system.

Fun and Functional

One of the popular features of the iComfort WiFi Thermostat is the ability to customize the case (skin) to match any decor. We have a variety of covers and corresponding background images that will quickly turn your functional thermostat into a fun work of art. To view images, visit Lennox.com.

Ready to Find Out More?

Certified technicians in the Wichita area are currently installing the iComfort WiFi Thermostat for many of customers. Call today to find out how you can get one for your home. (316) 265-7831.