Small humidifier leaks might not seem urgent, but left unaddressed they can cause a lot of water damage to the surrounding area. Humidifier leaks can cause irreversible damage to wood flooring, wood furniture, sub-flooring, and anything else that is nearby. Mold growth can also occur if the leak is left unchecked. If you discover that your whole-house humidifier is leaking, call an expert to fix the problem right away.

The expert will do a full inspection of the unit to find the cause of the problem. In most cases, the expert will investigate the following four areas of your humidifier:

  • The drain line. Excess water in the humidifier is emptied out through the drain line, so if it’s clogged or blocked in any way, water will build up inside the humidifier and leak out. Damage or holes in the drain line will also cause humidifier leaks. An expert will either unclog the drain line or replace it.
  • The solenoid valve. It sends fresh water to the water panel evaporator, where the water is then evaporated into your indoor air. If the solenoid valve is malfunctioning, water will be directed to the wrong areas and that can cause humidifier leaks. An expert will either readjust the solenoid valve so that it sends water to the right place or remove blockage from the area that may be preventing it from closing completely.
  • The water panel evaporator. Sometimes it can get clogged, which can lead to too much buildup in the scale control insert, causing a blocked drain line. An expert will replace the water panel evaporator, clean the scale control insert and clear out the drain line.
  • The water pressure. Most humidifiers work best with a water pressure of below 125 psi. If the pressure is too high, an expert will use a pressure reducer to fix the problem.

The best way to prevent humidifier leaks or other problems is to have your unit regularly maintained. For more information about humidifiers and other home comfort issues, please contact us at Comfort Systems. We proudly serve Wichita and the surrounding area.

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