Running an office comes with many expenses that most people don't consider on a normal basis. Among a variety of additional expenses, an office has lighting expenses, water expenses, and expenses for both heating and cooling. These numerous expenditures can quickly add up and leave you wondering how you can cut down on the costs of your office. There are several things that you can do to save money on the heating costs of your office while continuing to keep the office at comfortable temperatures.


Use the Sun to Your Advantage

Using the thermal heat that is naturally provided by the sun is a great way to save on heating costs for your office. When your office is occupied, you can open the shades of the office fully to maximize the amount of sunlight that the office receives. In contrast, when everyone has left the office and it is beginning to become dark outside, you can close the shades of the office to help the office retain the heat that it gathered.


Free Up Space

Identify where the vents in your office are, and inspect the areas that surround the vents to make sure that objects aren't blocking the vents. Blocked air vents can prevent heat from being fully supplied to your office. Move objects that are in front of the air vents, if possible, and also move objects that are next to the vents, as these objects can prevent hot air from circulating to certain parts of the office space.


Replace the Filters of Your Office's Furnace

A clogged filter can force your office's furnace to work harder to produce heat. In turn, the furnace will be less efficient and will require more energy to complete its heating tasks. Having the filter of the furnace that is in your office routinely replaced will allow the furnace to operate optimally.


Have the Office's Furnace Serviced

The furnace of your office, like a car, needs to be serviced occasionally to operate in its best condition. A professional can restore the condition of your office's furnace and improve its performance. With a boost in its performance, your office's furnace will operate more efficiently, using less energy to produce heat for your office.


Replace the Furnace of the Office

If your office has an old furnace that has grown to be inefficient, then paying for a new furnace may help you to save money in the longer term. The upfront costs that are associated with having a new furnace installed in your office can be expensive, which may deter you from investing. However, many modern furnaces are very efficient and will quickly help you save money on the heating costs of your office, returning your initial investment rapidly.

Turn the Thermostat of the Office Down

When your office space is unoccupied, turning down its thermostat will reduce your heating costs by allowing the office's heater to run less. The thermostat, which automatically turns the heat on when the detected office temperature is less than the set temperature, will more closely match the cooler temperature of the outside environment. You can also have a programmable thermostat installed for your office. Programmable thermostats can be programmed to operate with specific functions at specific times.

Add Insulation to the Office

Insulation is a great way to keep heat within an office and prevent cold air from entering the office as well. You should have the walls and the ducts of your office insulated so that you can save on the heating costs of your office. There are many ways to go about insulating an office, room, or house, so you will need to identify the areas where your office needs insulation the most.


Have an Energy Audit Performed in the Office

An energy audit will certainly provide you with more information about the areas in which you can improve the energy efficiency of your office. Completed by a technician that is known as an energy auditor, during an energy audit, the auditor will use a thermal meter to identify the areas that are releasing the most heat from your office. The auditor will also determine the efficiency of your office supplies and can provide additional methods on how you can improve your office's heating.


There are many methods that you can use to reduce the cost of heating your office. Carefully plan which methods will be the most effective for your situation so that you can maximize your savings and minimize the amount that you spend on any changes. At Comfort Systems, we are devoted to making sure that our customers have the solutions that they need for their problems. If you would like further assistance with decreasing the heating costs of your office space, contact us so that we can help you.