Are HVAC Systems Tax Deductable

Are New HVAC Systems Tax Deductible?

The 2019 tax season (for tax year 2018) is upon us, which means people are trying to find ways to deduct expenses. Curious if you […]

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DIY Plumbing Problems

DIY Plumbing Repairs? Call a Pro or Do it Yourself

Of all the disasters your house might encounter, water damage caused by plumbing failure is among the most destructive. Many minor plumbing issues could be […]

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Preventing Water Pipes From Freezing

How to Fix Frozen Hot Water Pipes

As our weather patterns change, we are seeing more seasonal temperature extremes at both ends of the thermometer. The polar vortex phenomenon of early 2019 […]

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Multi-family HVAC Units

Selecting An Efficient A/C System for a Multifamily Home

Designers of multifamily real estate have various preliminary decisions to make at the start of a new project. Yet, the type of HEATING AND COOLING […]

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Lennox Dealer Reviews Wichita

What Does it Mean to be a Premier Lennox Dealership?

Comfort Systems is a Lennox Premier Dealer serving the homeowners of Wichita as well as South Central Kansas. To be chosen for this prestigious degree […]

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Emergency Heating Options - Gas Fireplace

Emergency Heating Measures for Winter Power Outages

Winter season is here and preparation for power outages is extremely important. Snow and Ice storms can cause power outages for hours and sometimes longer, […]

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Warm Christmas Gifts

Give The Best Housewarming Gift for Christmas

Housewarming gifts can sometimes be tricky because it’s hard to know exactly what a homeowner is going to want or need. Although you should always […]

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Furnace Buying Tips

5 Furnace Buying Tips You Need Know!

Picking a furnace for your residence is not difficult. But here are some furnace buying tips and a few features that you might want to […]

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Best Furnace Air Filter Guide

Furnace Air Filter Guide: What Air Filters Are Best?

The furnace air filter is a critical component of any forced air HVAC system. There are different types and sizes offering different benefits for cleaner […]

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Fall Furnace Maintenance - Find a Local Furnace Service

Fall Furnace Maintenance – Find a Local Furnace Service

Fall heating system maintenance is important for boosting the performance of your heater while extending its service life. Many steps require to be taken– some […]

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