Can you believe it? Fall is here, and is a great time for home maintenance. You’re going to want to prepare your home for the coming cooler months.  Here is a checklist for all of your fall home maintenance needs.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fans
During the warmer months your ceiling fans spin to create downward airflow. During the winter your ceiling fan should be reversed to spin in such a way that the airflow is up. This will circulate the warmer air off of the ceiling and keep your heater from having to work as hard to heat your home.

Programmable Thermostat
If you do not have a programmable thermostat, it’s an investment you should consider adding to your fall home maintenance list. A programmable thermostat gives you greater control, providing time and date temperature setting features. Not only can this help you save money on energy costs but programmable technology also is available in “smart” mode so you can control the temperature on your HVAC system right from your phone.

For further energy efficiency, all of your windows and doors should be checked for gaps. One low tech but very effective way of checking is to enlist someone’s help. One person should stand inside the home with a candle and the other should go outside with a hair drier or blower. At each window and door the air is blown from the outside and the candle is moved along the inside edges of the window. If the candle flickers caulk it up to seal out the drafts. If you really want to ensure proper sealing, have an energy audit performed.

HVAC Tune-up
Replace your filters, clean your vents and check your furnace or other heating appliances for proper operation. Better yet, have a professional HVAC technician come out and tune up your system. They will do many things, like ensuring your heating appliances are not releasing toxic fumes or replace vital appliance components for more effective operation.

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