If your heat pump is acting up, or it’s not cooling properly, try these simple remedies before calling an HVAC technician. It may save you the time and expense of a service call.

The first component to check is the thermostat. Make sure that it’s in the “cooling” mode by setting it a few degrees below room temperature. The heat pump should kick on. If your system is on, but is not cooling properly or evenly, or isn’t working at all, follow these tips:

  • If your heat pump does not power on, check the circuit switch to see if it has tripped (or fuse box, if applicable).
  • If your heat pump is on, but it’s not cooling evenly throughout your home, check all the air-supply registers and make sure they’re open. Check the air pressure. There should be equal pressure at each register. If the air is cool, but the airflow is low, you may have a disconnected duct. This should be checked by an HVAC pro.
  • If air pressure is fine, but the system is not providing cool air, it’s possible that the evaporator has accumulated ice, which will cause the system to stop cooling (even though it’s on). Ice accumulation is frequently caused by incorrect refrigerant levels, or by an overworked system due to inadequate airflow. Turn off the heat pump to prevent damage. Check the air filter, and clean or change as needed. Let the evaporator defrost on its own. If it freezes up again, call an HVAC pro.
  • Check the outdoor unit for airflow blockages. It’s important to keep debris, leaves and anything else that may block airflow away from the unit.

If these steps don’t get your heat-pump system working or cooling properly, contact Comfort Systems and speak with an HVAC expert or schedule service. We’ve provided quality service and installation to homeowners in the Wichita area since 1996.

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