If you’re ready to switch gears from the heating months to the cooling months, make sure your heat pump is ready to switch gears, too. Schedule a system tune-up with your trusted HVAC technician, and be prepared for the service call with your own easy do-it-yourself checklist.

Heat pump basics

A heat pump is essentially an air conditioning system with a few extra components to reverse the direction of the heat-exchange process to provide efficient heating for a home during the heating months.

For home cooling, refrigerant is induced to extract heat from ducted airflow at the indoor evaporator. The heat is released at the outdoor condenser. This ingenious and energy-efficient process is simply reversed for home heating. The heat energy is extracted from the outside air and brought inside, via refrigerant.

To prepare your heat pump for a professional service call, follow this easy checklist:

  • If you use a high-efficiency filter, let your HVAC technician know so a new one will be provided. (Check the filter monthly during peak usage to promote good indoor air quality and free airflow.)
  • Vacuum supply outlets and return grilles with a brush extension, straightening any bent fins as needed.
  • Check the outdoor cabinet for airflow obstructions. All sorts of debris may be strewn around following the heating months. The outdoor cabinet should be clear of obstructions, such as vegetation and fences, by five feet in all directions.

Professional preventive maintenance

The job of your HVAC technician is to adjust, repair or replace anything that obstructs free airflow and hinders optimal heat exchange. This is a summary of diagnostics performed:

  • Checks for airflow obstructions at outlets and grilles, indoor-air handler, outdoor cabinet and filter
  • Inspects ductwork for damage or leaks
  • Measures refrigerant, and adjusts as needed
  • Inspects for refrigerant leaks
  • Deep-cleans evaporator
  • Lubricates all moving components
  • Checks compressor function
  • Inspects belt for tightness and wear
  • Tests thermostat operation
  • Inspects electrical components for function and wear, and adjusts as needed

For more tips, or to schedule heat pump maintenance with a certified technician, please contact us at Comfort Systems for prompt and professional service. We’ve provided outstanding support, service and installation for homeowners in the Wichita area since 1995.

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