Winter is upon us here in Kansas, and we can expect cold weather for the next few months. Unfortunately, though your heating system may be doing its job, it’s possible that you are losing a lot of that indoor heat from your furnace through air leaks or other forms of heat loss. There are a number of ways, however, to reduce home heat loss.

Insulation is an incredibly important factor in reducing heat loss and keeping your house comfortable. If your insulation is not doing its job and is due for an upgrade, or if you are missing insulation in some areas, resolving the issue immediately can make a big difference in your heating bills. If you aren’t sure about the insulation in your home, one way to find out is by hiring an inspector to conduct a home energy audit. Many inspectors use thermographic cameras to check your insulation and locate gaps or empty areas.

An inspector can also help you find any leaks or openings where heat may be escaping. Indoor air leaks are often found near windows, doors, electrical outlets, or attics, but can also occur in other areas. Outdoor leaks are often caused by cracks in foundation, siding, or roofing. Many homeowners don’t realize how much heat they are losing through these drafty spots in their homes. Sealing leaks with caulk, foam or weather-stripping can make the house much more comfortable.

Apart from these major improvements, there are a few other small projects that can help to reduce home heat loss and save energy. Use insulative material to cover your water heater and surrounding pipes. This will keep your hot water heater from working too hard by preventing heat from leaving the water inside. If your windows are particularly drafty, you can weatherize them in the winter. Many stores sell weatherization kits containing different items, but the most common method for insulating windows is to cover them with a thin, airtight film of plastic, which creates a barrier between the window and the air inside.

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