Although a geothermal system is more reliable than most standard heating and cooling systems used around Wichita, it can still run into trouble. Nearly all malfunctions will require help from an HVAC technician to correct, but some problems you can solve yourself with a few simple steps.

Check the power – Take a look at the power switch beside the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. One of these may have been bumped or otherwise accidentally switched to the “off” position. Check your home’s main electrical panel for tripped switches or blown fuses.

Check the thermostat – Ensure the thermostat switch is set to heating mode or cooling mode, depending on which you want. If you want the fan to run only when the system is heating or cooling, set the fan switch to “auto.” For continuous airflow, set the switch to “on.”

Adjust the temperature – Try raising the thermostat setting (for heating) or lowering it (for cooling) five or 10 degrees. Wait at least a minute to see if the system kicks on. If you have to set the temperature unusually high or low, you may need a technician to correct your thermostat’s calibration.

Examine the registers – For proper airflow and geothermal system operation, more than half your registers should be open and clear of obstructions. Check all your registers to ensure none is blocked by furniture, curtains or other items.

Inspect the air filter – A dirty filter reduces airflow through the system. Too little airflow and your system will provide less heating or cooling, or may shut down altogether. Remove your filter for inspection. If it’s so dirty no light shines through it, replace it.

If none of these steps gets your system working or you suspect your system still isn’t running correctly, contact an HVAC technician. A technician can resolve any current heat pump problems as well as inspect the system to head off future problems.

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