Living in Wichita means living with seasons that vary in temperature from hot summers to frigid winters. This is why as winter rolls around, many homeowners are considering geothermal heating. Geothermal heating is energy efficient, cost effective and environmentally sound. However there are a few considerations when choosing the right geothermal loop for you.

Reducing Costs

Geothermal heating uses the earth’s natural store of energy from the earth’s crust to heat your home. For every one unit of electricity used, you get four unites of geothermal energy. This means that you will be using far less energy than traditional methods and you reduce waste by quadrupling your energy output, drastically lowering your energy bill in the winter. Whether you are replacing an old system, or installing a fresh system in a new house, geothermal heating is a great way to save money and offset installation costs.

Environmental Impact

Understandably your main concern is to warm your home efficiently and in a cost effective manner. However geothermal heating is the most environmentally sound method to do so. Geothermal HVAC systems work with nature, not against it like typical units. By installing a geothermal heating system, you create an earth loop, utilizing the natural heat stored in the earth’s crust. By either pumping warm air from the earth, or returning it back to the earth, you can efficiently control the temperature of your home.

Land Use

An important factor in choosing the right geothermal loop is available space. Ideally, If you have a large area to work with you can try a horizontal loop utilizing more geothermal heat. However if your space is limited, you can install vertical geothermal loops under your home. If you have access to well water, you can add an open loop and utilize ground water as a natural energy source. No space is too limited and all of these systems are easy to install or retrofit.

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