Both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE) endorse geothermal cooling and heating as one of the most energy-efficient, environmentally friendly systems available. They provide an amazing opportunity to reduce pollution and energy use while providing matchless comfort and reliability. Here are 11 reasons it’s smart to go underground with geothermal cooling and heating.

  • Environmentally friendly: This type of system conserves natural resources, minimizes ozone depletion, and creates no air pollution.
  • Lower energy costs: Geothermal systems save homeowners 20 to 50 percent on utility bills compared to traditional air conditioning and heating.
  • More affordable water heating: A single geothermal heat pump can serve as your home’s heating, cooling and water heating system (during the cooling season). Some have the ability to save you up to 50 percent on your summertime water heating bills.
  • Fewer repairs: With limited moving parts, geothermal systems require less frequent repairs. When repairs are necessary, they tend to be less expensive than traditional heating and cooling repairs.
  • Federal tax credits: The federal government is offering tax credits totaling 30 percent of the cost of a qualified geothermal system, including installation, through December 2016.
  • Financing options: These help ease your initial investment even further.
  • Investment is recouped in just a few years: Thanks to the energy savings and reduced repairs, geothermal systems pay for themselves long before they need to be replaced.
  • Incredible longevity: The geothermal heat pump itself can easily last 20 years or more with proper preventative maintenance, and the underground piping often comes with a 50-year warranty.
  • No unattractive outdoor equipment: With geothermal, everything is either buried underground or located inside your home. That means you don’t have to worry about hiding outdoor components or fearing equipment vandalism.
  • Silent operation: Geothermal cooling and heating is much quieter than traditional methods, thanks to the lack of noisy outdoor fans. The quiet operation makes for a more pleasant environment, both inside and out.
  • No dangerous components: Furnaces have open flames, run on flammable fuel, and could produce harmful carbon monoxide fumes. None of these dangers exist with geothermal cooling and heating.

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