Is your Wichita home ready for a furnace replacement? If so, it’s important to invest in an energy-efficient model that is sized correctly for your home. Before you let your contractor proceed with the replacement installation, make sure you ask the right questions to ensure that you’re getting exactly what your home requires. 

Will you do a load calculations to size my furnace?
There was a time when HVAC equipment was sized solely on the square footage of a home. Today, heating and cooling loads are determined according to industry-standard methods called Manuals J and S. Your contractor should use these methods, which leverage a variety of details about your home to determine the right size, make and model for your needs.

Will you inspect my duct system? Your duct system might well need to be redesigned to maximize the efficiency of your new unit. Many high-efficiency furnace replacements aren’t compatible with older duct systems. Investing in a new duct design will pay for itself via energy savings (and comfort) over several years. Plus, a thorough duct inspection will reveal any leaks or obstructions that could compromise your new HVAC system’s efficiency.

What is the efficiency rating the furnace you’re recommending? The annual fuel utilization efficiency rating determines how efficient your new unit will be. The higher the rating, the more efficient the furnace replacement. For maximum savings over the long term, look for a furnace with an AFUE in the 90s.  It will probably cost more than a unit with an AFUE in the 80s, but you’ll realize savings over the long term.

Will my furnace have a variable-speed furnace fan? In addition to being more energy efficient, variable-speed furnaces are quieter when they’re operating and mitigate significant temperature fluctuations. Ideally, you want a furnace with an electronically commuted motor or direct current motor for additional energy savings.

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