Forced air furnaces are the most popular type of furnace in America. Like the name suggests, they force heated air through ducts in order to heat a building, whether it’s a commercial building or your home. In general, forced air systems are both extremely effective and energy-efficient.

How forced air furnaces work

Overall the process is quite simple. Air is sucked in from various rooms through a set of ducts, and is taken to a central system where it can be filtered and heated. The warm air is sent back through a different set of ducts to all of the rooms in the building.

Installation of forced air systems

A major feature of forced air heaters is the simplicity of the installation. There are multiple models of furnaces, so you can be sure you’ll be able to find a suitable one for your home. Beyond the different models, there are also different sizes of furnaces. You’ll want to consult with an HVAC professional before any purchase to make sure you get one that matches your home.

Other benefits of forced air systems

When you have a forced air furnace system installed, you have a lot of flexibility with your other HVAC options. First and foremost, you can easily add in a central air conditioner without having to add any new ducts or vents.

Secondly, these furnaces are built with air quality in mind. You have the option of attaching air filters or a humidifier to your furnace. With the right furnace in your home, you can use just about any filter, whether it’s electrostatic, electronic, or even pleated media. This gives you a wide array of options and you can achieve a high level of indoor air quality in your home.

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