If you are someone who has suffered from fall allergies in the past, then you know how awful they can make you feel. What you need to know is how you can prevent them from ruining your day.

Stay Away

One of the best ways to reduce fall allergies is to keep them as far away from you as possible. Less exposure equals fewer symptoms, but how do you do that?

Close the Windows

By running your air conditioning in your home and car, and recirculating the air, you can limit your exposure to pollen.

Pets Out

Keep your pets out of your bedroom, especially pets that go outside. While you may not be allergic to your animals, they can bring pollen inside on their fur.

Pollen Counts Count

Check weather websites for pollen counts for the day and plan accordingly. If counts are high for the day, avoid outdoor activities until the evening and do your daily exercise indoors.

Use a Mask

If you have to do outdoor chores during high pollen times, use a respiratory mask. Purchase them at home improvement and hardware stores.

Allergy Proof Your Bed

Cover your bed, box springs, and pillow in allergen proof fabric covers.

Bathe Before You Sleep

Taking a shower or bath before bed will wash off pollen and keep you from transferring it to your pillow and bedding.

Change Your Air Conditioning and Furnace Filter

High-efficiency filters with a MERV, minimum efficiency reporting value, rating of 11 or 12 are your best option. Contact your HVAC professional if you need more information on choosing the right filter for your home.

Do Not Wait to Treat

If you are having symptoms, do not try and tough it out. Fall allergies can cause headaches and irritability. These symptoms can affect your productivity at work and your quality of life at home. With the right treatment, you do not have to suffer when you cannot avoid pollen.

For more information on stopping allergens in your home and other home comfort issues in Wichita, contact Comfort Systems.