If there’s any possible way to make the search for new heating and cooling equipment exciting, the a new high-efficiency category introduced by the federal Energy Star program may be just what the homeowner ordered. As a step up from the long-standing Energy Star logo, the Most Efficient label represents the “best of the best” in energy efficiency, which is good news for your Wichita area home.

Going above and beyond

We all want to have energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment in our homes. After all, that’s how we can start saving the big bucks. The Energy Star logo once provided this helpful service, singling out products and appliances that combined optimum energy efficiency with solid performance. However, due to market forces and enhanced “green” consciousness among consumers, the Energy Star logo became common, making it harder to single out the very best products. That’s where the program’s new Most Efficient label entered the picture.

This Most Efficient label represents only the highest standards in energy efficiency. Whether you’re referring to a furnace’s minimum AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) rating of 97 percent or an air-source heat pump’s HSPF ( Heating Seasonal Performance Factor ) of greater than 8.5, the new criteria set forth by the Most Efficient program will ensure that you’re purchasing a highly energy-efficient heating or cooling appliance.

Finding the most efficient equipment is no longer a chore

Although shopping for new equipment sounds like a good idea, sifting through all of those units at the store and making a reliable comparison between them can be a challenge. The Energy Star program realizes this so you can now visit their website to find a list of the Most Efficient models for 2013. This is also where you’ll find specific criteria and details such as estimated energy usage for each item.

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