When you’re looking for ways to increase energy efficiency and reduce your monthly utility bills, you want the most reliable information possible. Unfortunately, there are several persistent energy-savings myths that are still being passed around as truth. Here are some of the myths that are often told with good intentions, but that will not help you conserve energy or save money.

  • Energy-efficient HVAC equipment means instant savings on your bills: There’s no doubt that energy-efficient air conditioners, furnaces and heat pumps work better, use less energy and cost less to operate. However, other factors could potentially eliminate gains from high-efficiency equipment. The equipment must be the correct size for your home and must be installed properly. Air and energy leaks in your home, especially in the ductwork, must be sealed. Your home must be sufficiently insulated to keep conditioned air inside where it belongs.
  • Closing registers and vents conserves energy: Closing registers and vents in rooms keeps heated or cooled air from circulating in your home. It does not save energy since the fuel or electricity used to generate the conditioned air has already been expended in the HVAC unit itself.
  • Devices that are turned off aren’t using any energy: Many types of appliances and electronic devices, such as computers and microwave ovens, will still use a small amount of standby power if they’re plugged in. This power is used to maintain internal settings, clocks, timers and other features. Standby power loss can be eliminated by unplugging the device from its power source.
  • Leaving lights on uses less power than turning them off and on: Lights do use up a small surge of power when turned on, but this usage spike will not consume as much energy as leaving lights on all the time. Turn lights off when you don’t need them.

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