One of the biggest challenges you’ll face as a homeowner is trying to stay comfortable in your house year-round while staying on a budget. Most people want to save the most money possible when heating their homes during the winter. However, there are common mistakes that should be avoided to maximize savings. Here at Comfort Systems in Wichita, KS, we recommend avoiding these common heating mistakes that take money out of your pocket.

1. Cranking Up Your Thermostat

Leaving your property and returning home to a cold house can make you immediately turn up the thermostat. When you activate the unit, your home will start to get warmer until it reaches the desired temperature. You want it to the ideal temperature( around 68 degrees), and putting it up to 78 or 80 will only make the system work faster and harder. It will take the same amount of time to get to what you want regardless of how high you turn it up.

2. Not Adjusting Temperature Settings

Rather than keeping your home on a consistent temperature, it should be adjusted slightly while sleeping or leaving for the day. You could save money by using a programmable thermostat that allows you to adjust as necessary. The furnace will need to return to the temperature you want, but you’re avoiding it needing to work for hours at a time while not occupying the house or sleeping under warm blankets.

3. Closing Your Vents And Doors

One of the things that many homeowners do that makes sense to them is to close vents in unoccupied rooms. While you think closing vents or doors would save energy, the opposite occurs. Your heater works by pulling the air from the house, warming it, then returning throughout the household. Closing the vents doesn’t allow the heater to do its job effectively. Don’t close your doors either so you can maintain a consistent airflow throughout the home.

4. Using An Electric Room Heater For Multiple Rooms

You might find yourself using a space heater to heat a few rooms on your second floor, but this strategy quickly raises your energy bills more than you think. Central heating systems are much more efficient, and they are far safer than a space heater. Electric heaters pose a fire hazard for your property, and they don’t last that long.

5. Forgetting About Air Filters

Replacing your air filter is one of the easiest yet most important responsibilities any homeowner needs to remember. The purpose of an air filter is to prevent unwanted dust/debris from entering the home. Dirty filters compromise air quality and flow, making the system work much harder than it needs to. Check your filter regularly as part of routine maintenance.

6. Not Sealing Cracks Near Doors And Windows

Locate any sources where cold air can enter the home and fix it immediately. Locating these spots and caulking windows can go a long way to bring your energy expenses down. If you haven’t replaced windows in decades, opting for a more energy-efficient option might be a good idea as well. If you have ceiling fans, don’t forget to change the blade’s rotation. Since warm air rises, you’ll want the air to come back down with a clockwise rotation. 

7. Not Utilizing Nature’s Energy Source

Even on a cold winter day, opening your curtains to let the sun in can warm your household up much quicker. Not only will you enjoy the view, but you’ll save some money in the meantime. 

8. Neglecting Routine Maintenance From A Professional

Nobody knows your electric heating system or furnace better than trained technicians. Our experts at Comfort Systems provide scheduled maintenance to keep your unit running at peak performance during the cold winter days. Our professionals have years of experience working with thousands of satisfied customers. Your satisfaction is our main priority! 

Need A Heating Estimate? Call Comfort Systems In Wichita, Kansas

Comfort Systems is honored to provide heating service for your residential property in the local area. We’ve been a trusted member of the community since 1996, available 24/7, 365 days a year. Whether you’re interested in an upgrade to your current system, have an emergency, or you’d like to give your current system a tune-up, we can help. With our assistance and avoiding these heating mistakes, you’ll be certain to save lots of money during the winter.