Ductwork leaks are extremely common and they can cost Wichita homeowners hundreds of dollars per year on their heating and cooling bills. Over time, leaks in ductwork multiply and get larger, steadily increasing your energy usage–without you being aware of the cause. Many people just assume prices have gone up and keep paying more to the utility company, never suspecting ductwork problems.

To prevent leaks in ductwork from sneaking up on you–and taking money out of your wallet–make sure to have your home’s duct system inspected regularly. This can help to keep small leaks from getting larger. If you haven’t had your duct system inspected within recent memory, contact a local HVAC professional.

Leaks in Ductwork and Other Duct Issues That Interfere With Home Comfort

  • Dried out duct tape: Despite the name, regular duct tape shouldn’t be used to repair leakage. It dries out in a fairly short time, opening up leaks in ductwork  and causing energy waste.
  • Twisted ducts: If duct runs are too long, they may bend in the center or get partially crushed. Damaged ducts restrict airflow and may begin to leak.
  • Failed duct connections: Expansion and contraction from weather and temperature fluctuations, rodents or just your home settling over time, can strain connections.
  • Rugs or curtains covering vents: Make sure registers are unobstructed by carpets, furniture, potted plants, dog beds or other items.
  • Leaky supply or return ducts: The supply and return ducts bring conditioned air from your air conditioner or furnace to your rooms and return it to the equipment. Leaks often develop where the duct meets the wall.
  • Leaks around the air filter: If the air filter doesn’t fit properly in its slot, you may have the wrong type of filter for your system. Ask your HVAC technician to recommend a high-efficiency filter that is compatible with the equipment.
  • Damaged or missing duct insulation: Over time, duct insulation can fall off in places or be exposed to moisture. Missing/damaged insulation around ductwork can also cause your utility costs to soar.

When you need duct inspection or HVAC maintenance, contact the professionals at Comfort Systems.

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