In your home, ductwork is a major part of your HVAC system. Ductwork delivers conditioned air to your rooms and returns the air back to the unit to be reconditioned. After years of use, cracks or openings may appear on the ducts. Sealed ducts are vital for your family’s comfort for several reasons:

  • Keep dirt and dust from entering the rooms
  • Maintain a constant temperature of the conditioned air flowing to the rooms
  • Prevent moisture from entering the ducts, raising humidity levels
  • Discourage mold or mildew from growing inside the ducts, affecting air quality
  • Stop unwanted critters from entering the ducts, causing unpleasant odors
  • Prevent increased heating or cooling costs from wasted energy

A duct inspection is important for quality indoor air, lowering energy costs and locating possible problems before they become costly ones. Consider performing a duct inspection in the spring and fall when you change over from heating to cooling your home.

As a homeowner, you can perform a ductwork inspection, looking for these common signs of leaky ducts:

  • Lack of cooling or heating: Check for worn or torn insulation in unconditioned areas of your home, such as attics, crawl spaces or basements.
  • Rattling noise: Look for loose joints in the ducts.
  • Air volume low: Inspect ducts for cracks or holes.
  • Sagging ducts: Examine ducts for loose hangers holding up ducts.
  • Foul smell coming from ducts: Inspect ducts for moisture, mold or mildew.

Many handy homeowners can do small repairs, like replacing insulation, but for larger problems, it is best to contact a qualified HVAC professional to perform an extensive ductwork inspection and evaluate the condition of your ductwork. A pro will determine if leaky ducts can be sealed or if replacement is necessary. A pro also has the appropriate equipment to clean ducts.

If you live in Wichita or the surrounding areas, our team of professionals at Comfort Systems are available to answer any questions you have on ductwork inspections and cleaning or repairing ductwork. We offer affordable, expert service by highly qualified technicians any day of the year.

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