Attention Kansas homeowners: How would you like to save energy and money not only during this heating season but year-round?  Heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are designed to distribute heated or cooled air all through your home. Unfortunately, that air can seep out of areas that are not sealed or insulated properly. An estimated nearly 25 percent of wasted air is due to leaky ductwork, so sealing or replacing your sub-par ductwork is an energy-saving measure.

Air ducts can leak wherever two parts connect. Generally, leaks are the result of age and subsequent wear, improper installation or even cheap materials. If the leak is in a supply duct, hot or cold air can escape to your home’s attic, crawl spaces and in between the floors before that air is transported throughout the house. If the return ducts also have leaks, hot air (130 degrees) can be sucked in from the attic or cold air (0 degrees) from outside. All this makes your HVAC system work too hard and expend inordinate energy.

Here are some tell-tale signs that your ductwork needs to be replaced:

  • Decreased airflow in your house — If air ducts are damaged beyond repair and, therefore, will not effectively carry air throughout the home.
  • Dust and mold — Too much dust and mold in your house can indicate contaminated ductwork. Many types of ducts can be professionally cleaned, depending on the material. Fiberboard ducts cannot be cleaned and therefore must be replaced.
  • Aging material — Ductwork that is more than 10 years old typically is not well insulated, stops being effective and should be updated.

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