Many existing homes were not constructed to accommodate the ductwork of central air conditioning, making central A/C retrofits prohibitively expensive. Or the budget for a planned add-on to your home may not cover the cost of extending existing ductwork into new living spaces. Still, you want cool, air conditioned comfort. Fortunately, ductless mini splits are increasingly filling the gap with heat pump technology that provides energy-efficient heating and cooling. Ductless mini splits also share many of the heat pump and central air system’s requirements for regular maintenance to maintain full efficiency and indoor comfort. A maintenance service call from an HVAC contractor will usually include these elements:

  • Clean the wire mesh pre-filter and the electronic plasma indoor air quality filter inside the air handler.
  • Clean the indoor air handler coils. The coils are vacuumed for dust, and specialized solvents are used to clean away residue. The technician also will look for signs of oil seepage that indicate refrigerant leaks in the coil, and use a fin straightener to straighten any bent aluminum coil fins.
  • Inspect the condensate drain pan for evidence of mold or algae that could block the drain. Proper function of the condensate drain will be verified.
  • Check the fan blower for buildup of residue from the room air and for proper balance. Lubricate the blower motor and check drive belt for tightness.
  • Trace the refrigerant lines leading to the outdoor condensing unit and inspect for kinks, bulges, missing insulation or signs of refrigerant leakage.
  • Verify that airflow to the condenser coil is not obstructed by weeds or vegetation. The technician will clean the condenser coil, straighten any bent coil fins and verify that the condenser unit is level on its platform.
  • Check all electrical terminals for tightness and apply insulating coating.
  • Measure airflow from the air handler to verify that it’s within manufacturer’s specs.

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