Do you have strange sounds coming from your ducts? While some sounds may be a cause for concern, others are normal noises your HVAC system makes to function. Below are some common duct noises you can try to diagnose in your Wichita area home.

Ductwork Basics

When air passes through and fills your ductwork, the pressure increases and the duct’s metal expands. This may cause a popping sound and is especially common in ducts with a rectangular shape. Round ductwork can withstand the most pressure, and thus tends to make the popping sound less often. Square types are usually less noisy than rectangular ones.

Common Duct Noises

Popping Sound Only After Duct Cleaning: If you’ve never noticed a popping sound coming from your ducts until after you had them cleaned, this is likely due to the increased air flow. The dust and debris that had been collecting caused the pressure in your ducts to decrease, so prior to cleaning, the popping sound may have occurred less often or not at all.

Whistling Sound After Duct Cleaning: You may also notice a whistling noise coming from various vents in your home after a ductwork cleaning. This is also caused by an increase in efficiency and pressure. Slowing down fan speed in the winter may help — just make sure it’s not set at a low speed during the summer.

Booming Sound When Heat Comes On: A booming or popping sound can sometimes indicate a bigger problem. If you have a gas powered heating system, its burners can become rusty or clogged with debris. A system that’s operating properly will fire up when the furnace comes on, but there can be a delay if there’s blockage. This situation calls for professional help.

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